About Us

Our mission is to enable Recruiters and Candidates to create Powerful Relationships.

Our core values

There’re five major things that define hirejp as a company, place to work and its culture. But before we say something more about it, it’s really important to know how we figured that out. We did have different core values a few years ago, but at some point we felt it’s not something reflecting the company. So with the management we prepared new propositions and discussed them with our employees, so everyone could say at the end that this is true, this is how it is at hirejp and they feel them. This way, together we came up with five core values which are the reflection of our everyday’s work and culture.

Focus on People

hirejp currently builds 28 exceptional people and we need each of them without exception to continue our success. Together, we set trends in the HR industry, which we strengthen with our product. We develop hirejp based on the real problems of the industry, based on data that we like more and more.

How we work

At hirejp everybody gets the freedom to choose the way of work that suits them best. We have our office in Gdynia and we can work either remotely, on site or in a hybrid model. There’re only 2 days a month when we invite the whole team to the office and we call the Team Together Tuesday (TTT). We use these days to integrate, have some fun, run workshops, and meet all together. It’s always a very special day.